3-in-line meter

Quick & Easy PDU Upgrade

The In-LIne Meter simply connects between the existing basic PDU and the power source. It eliminates the need to replace every rack PDU installed, dramatically reducing the project implementation time.

Vertical or Horizontal

Both vertical and horizontal mounting kit are provded.monitoring conveniency, the For localsophisticated 2.8″ touchscreen display can be setto vertical or horizontal layout.

Remote PDU Monitoring

InfraPower offers 3 kinds of remote monitoring solutions for users’ selection – Free IPM-04 management software ( supports up to 800 PDUs ), Web-base GUI or Integration to 3rd party DCIM via SNMP.

Field Replaceable In-Line Meter

Mission critical data centers cannot afford power shutdown. The In-Line Meter design is feld replaceable without the need to power down the PDU for meter replacement and maintenance.

2.8” Touchscreen Meter

The sharp and highly visible 2.8″ touchscreen LCD provides local data of current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW),power factor, energy consumption (KWh) of entire PDU. This data has a metering accuracy to within + 1%.

Save IP Address Cost

InfraPower@ In-Line Meter is designed to support daisy chain connections. It allows up to 16 In-Line Meters to be cascaded via Cat6 cables – All the PDUs with In-LIne Meters are remotely accessed via a single network IP.