rack sensor - key benefits

Key BenEfits

Variety of Sensors / Peripherals

Getting instant notifcation of various environmental fuctuations,InfraGuard offers a variety of environmental sensors.

Integrated PDUs/Fan Units

In order to enhance the functlonality. the InfraGuard remote management supports the integration to intelligent Switched / Monitored PDUs and Fan Units. Up to 1,920 x kWh PDU and same quantity of Fan Units can be remotely managed by the management software.

Scalable Flexibility

Multi ports for some crttical sensors / peripherals I devices are avallable onthe control box. Users can apply “One Box One Rack” in order to achieve the optimum environmentall management, or aternatively “One Box Two Racks” for cost efficient setup.

High Density of Environment Management

The free management software IGM-03 supports up to 30 x IP.Up to 16 x InfraGuard control boxes can be connected by daisy chain and remotely accessed by one single IP.Under a “One Box Two Racks” scenario, environmental remote management up to 960 racks can be achleved.