Key BenEfits

Dual Secrit : SmartCard + NumPad

Via NumPad & SmartCard, the InfraSolution S-700 allows two-factor authentication to verify user ID. It ensures dual security for the rack access control.

Designed for IT Branded Racks

InfraSolution S-700 is designed for the global IT branded racks. The handle’s universal mounting cut- out generally allows easy integration with most third party racks. The 2.8″ touchscreen control panel can be mounted to the perforated door easily. Costly & complicated door customization is not required.

Rugged & Aesthetic Swing Handle

Alloy S-700 handle is rigid & durable for maintaining reliable physical security. Swing locking I unlocking mechanism suits most rack user practice. An aesthetically enhanced smart locking handle is ideal for your smart data center environment.

LED for Clear Lock Status Indication

LED color modes on the smartcard handle indicate the lock status clearly. Blue & green LED indicate the locked status of Proximity & MiFARE handle respectively. An authorized unlock is signaled by a silver white flashing LED. Unauthorized rack access will result in a red flashing LED following with an audible alarm.

Sophistcated Control Panel w/Touchscreen

All s-700 packages are supplied with a control panel that includes a 2.8″ touchscreen with NumPad function. Buil in SmartCard sensor is compatible to MiIFARE or Proximity Smart-Card. By connecing to infraPower W3 version intelligent Pou with temp + humid sensors, the controller can also provide local monitoring on Amp and Temp. + Humid.

Temp. + Humid. Sensor, Light Bar & PDU Integration

s-700 control panel can provide local display & montoring for integrated InfraPower w3 intelligent PDUs, Temp. + Humid sensors & LED light bar.